Wednesday, February 23, 2005

rest in pieces

Daft Crunk is officially deaded!

redo all you heard, we be at:

Laundromat United!

scrimmage is over. long live LU!
All the crap that was here is on the first post there.


Sunday, February 13, 2005

got it.

yep, je suis getting my ass rocked by the real world. really can't complain though.
i didnt get to see adventure time at ucla 2 years ago. was bummed.
Daedelus and Frosty just seem like cool guys. I have the dublab and daedelus kozyndan prints overlooking my workstation.

Adventure Time-Age of Aquariums (Dreams of Water Themes, EFA (Caroline) 2003)

Sunday, February 06, 2005

mind yr manners

Squarepusher: Do You Know Squarepusher? (Do You Know Squarepusher?, Warp, 2002)


Drag-On and Twista: Twisted Heat

  • The bounce in "Do you know squarepusher" is kinda facemelting. There is a way in which notes all just end up landing on a beat somewhere that makes sense. add the one time yrself a good song to listen to while walking to class. makes you look like you are in deep thought...or something

  • So the whole Asisphonics/alias nonsense of a few years back was somewhat interesting because of the angle some of them came with. alias/ricci rucker/toadstyle dudes were always talking about f-ing people's minds up with their crazy sk/c/q/x/ratch billion click nonsense. turns out, it was all really actually boring as hell and the internet made them stars (peace to Mike Boo though)...came down to them just all wanting to be D-Styles. D's stuff is some of the only 'skratch music' i can listen to plus, the best track on Q-Bert's album was done by D...
    D-style's album and most of the things he puts out are a bit heavy on the ultraviolent/fetish/snuff for my tastes, but his cuts are correct. Call me a prude, but that dude (and so many other DJs) are straight creepy...

  • "GET IGNORANT!"...can't say i am a fan of ignorance, but that line makes "twisted heat" pretty necessary for getting in homework mode. have decided that i like pointlessly fast raps.

  • note: this was posted from work. go back to sleep.